An Employer May Examine Email and Computer Activities

In an employment case, clients of a Fort Lauderdale sexual harassment lawyer frequently have questions about the tactics the employer will use to try and formulate a defense.

An Employer Will Check Your Emails and Your Internet Activities

Filing a case against a former employer can be difficult. The employer will put great effort in crafting a defense. You might feel violated with the way the employer is able to go through emails, social media accounts and the contents of your work computer. With a well-conceived policy allowing this, there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

The employer will be seeking evidence linked to:

1) The claims you have made;

2) Potential avenues of defense;

3) Whether there is an opening for a counterclaim.

The employer might also pay strict attention to co-workers’ emails and other forms of communication used via work computers. For an employer who doesn’t have a strict policy allowing inspection of emails and computers, such acts could pave the way for a liability claim.

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