Contact from the Defense Attorney

An attorney from the Fort Lauderdale employment law firm that represents you can explain that you may hear from the defense attorney or your former employer after your employer receives your demand letter. This moment may provide you with an opportunity to set the stage for future settlement negotiations.

Employer Intentions

While your Fort Lauderdale employment law firm may explain the benefits of having this conversation for you, he or she may also outline the reasons why an employer may wish to have this contact with you. For example, your employer may want to have this conversation with you in order to learn about the evidence that you might use in your case or to try to convince you that you don’t have a case. Alternatively, your employer could be trying to determine the minimum amount that you will take to settle your case or to see if you are really ready to proceed to litigation.


Before you have contact with your employer, an attorney from the Fort Lauderdale employment law firm that represents you may teach you how to be ready for this time. One strategy that your former employer may try is to make you make a bid against yourself. It may do this by having the attorney that represents it indicate that the employer wants to settle. However, the lawyer may state that the settlement figure needs to be lower before the employer will consider settling.

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