Discovery Tactics Employers Use

If you have filed a complaint that alleges that you were wrongfully terminated or that you were a victim of discrimination, your employment lawyer in Fort Lauderdale may warn you that your employer may try to use certain discovery strategies to get more information about you and your case. Generally, former employers begin informal discovery in an attempt to learn more about the plaintiff and the claim that he or she is making. Here are a few examples of informal discovery strategies your former employer may use.

Witness Interviews

One of the first strategies that your employment lawyer in Fort Lauderdale might discuss with you is your employer’s likelihood of asking other employees not to discuss the case due to pending litigation. While lawyers must respect that officers, director, managing agents or other individuals who can bind the company cannot be contacted, other witnesses may be contacted by your attorney. However, your employment lawyer in Fort Lauderdale may warn you that your employer may try to influence other witnesses from talking to the attorney.

Lawyer Present

In other situations, the employer may allow the interview but may ask employees to only talk to the Fort Lauderdale employment law firm that is representing you when its own lawyer is present. Other employees may be intimidated to go against the employer’s request because they fear losing employment. Other individuals who have a business relationship with the employer may not want to risk detrimentally affecting that relationship.

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