Employment Discrimination Attorney Discusses Workplace Misconduct

As any Ft. Lauderdale employment discrimination attorney will explain, workers are heavily protected by both federal and state law prohibitions on discrimination. If you have experienced adverse treatment at your job and you believe it is due to a certain personal characteristic, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer for his or her actions. Adverse treatment generally includes demotion, termination, failure to provide benefits or unlawful changes to wages or salary. Your Ft. Lauderdale employment discrimination attorney will also explain that discrimination can take a more subtle form, such as failing to include you in workplace training programs or passing you over for a promotion. For more information about how to file a complaint, contact a Ft. Lauderdale employment discrimination attorney today.

Ft. Lauderdale Employment Lawyer Explains Age Discrimination

It is illegal for an employer to treat you differently due to your age as long as you are at least 40 years of age. While often difficult to prove, your Ft. Lauderdale employment discrimination attorney will work to uncover evidence that your employer has a pattern of treating younger employees differently or that you were likely fired due to your age. There are certain exceptions to the rules against discrimination, however, and your Ft. Lauderdale employment discrimination attorney can help you better understand the limitations on these protections.

Disability Discrimination

An employer must make reasonable accommodations for you if you are disabled. In most cases, your employer must provide you with access to the workplace, a suitable area within which to work and any additional assistance you need in order to complete your job. As your Ft. Lauderdale employment disability will further explain, the employer is not under an obligation to make accommodations if doing so would be unduly burdensome.

Gender-Based Discrimination

As opposed to sex discrimination, gender-based discrimination focuses on a person’s gender identity. This type of discrimination may come into play as against a transgendered employee, or one who identifies with a gender other than his or her biological sex. Gender discrimination can occur between two individuals or the same or opposite sex.

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