Documented Evidence – Labor Attorney

In your employment case, it is easy to believe that your employer has all of the power. He or she will likely have the majority of documents to help persuade the examiner of his or her side. However, the Ft. Lauderdale employment law firm that represents you can explain what you can do to strengthen your case.

Know the Process

First, it is important that your Ft. Lauderdale employment law firm gives you a complete explanation of the process that you are about to enter. Discuss with your Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer about the process and what you should expect.

Provide Documents

Again, it is likely that your employer will submit documents to the examiner, such as your employment application, performance evaluations, the complaint and answers to interrogatories or depositions. Additionally, the defense counsel may investigate your background and submit information that he or she believes would make you particularly sensitive to making a sexual harassment claim, such as having an adulterous former partner or a history of sexual abuse. However, you can tilt the scale back in your favor with information that your Ft. Lauderdale employment law firm employs. This information may include excerpts from depositions, affidavits and other pieces of evidence that support your claim. If the examiner fails to review the documents that you submit, his or her credibility may be able to be challenged.

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