Evaluating Your Employer

If you are involved in an employment case, a Fort Lauderdale employment attorney knows the best way to evaluate your employer.

When evaluating an employment case, your attorney will want to learn as much as possible about any potential defendants. Here are the two most important elements your attorney will look for when assessing your employer:

  • The size of the company or organization
  • The financial resources of that company or organization
  • The litigation philosophy of your company or organization

Size of Your Employer

Smaller companies tend to take litigation more personally. Larger companies take litigation as just a cost of doing business.

Smaller companies are less likely to settle, at least initially. Smaller companies usually retain smaller law firms with less experience in litigating employment cases. Larger companies tend to have experienced attorneys familiar with the process. These experienced law firms could put your case at a disadvantage, unless you have also retained an experienced attorney.

Smaller companies are less affected by Title VII. Smaller companies usually do not employ enough people to be liable under most state laws that outlaw discrimination. Larger companies are often liable for these state statutes.

Title VII covers employers with fifteen or more employees working twenty or more weeks a year.

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