Evaluation of Defendant Company

During your case against your employer, a Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may wish to evaluate the defendant company. Through a thorough analysis, a Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may be able to determine strategies that can help make litigation more effective.

Financial Resources

One of the first aspects that a Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer might look into is the financial solvency of the company. If an employer is in the process of filing bankruptcy or could fall into bankruptcy if they lose the case, the Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer would inform you of this possibility. Financial insolvency can mean that you receive little or nothing on your claim, even if your case is very meritorious. However, some businesses have liability insurance for legal claims that may arise against them, so financial insolvency might not end the inquiry. It is also important to know financial information about a business in case punitive damages are possible.

Litigation Philosophy

A Ft. Lauderdale employment law attorney may also wish to evaluate the litigation philosophy of the employer. A Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer might tell you if an employer has a certain reputation for not settling any cases to deter future litigation. If this is the case, a Ft. Lauderdale employment law attorney might only take the case if it is particularly strong.

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