Evidence of Workplace Harassment

A Fort Lauderdale harassment lawyer is well versed in laws pertaining to workplace harassment and knows that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits harassment because a person is part of a protected class. One of the first matters that a Fort Lauderdale harassment lawyer will attend to is discovering whether there is evidence to support an employee’s claim that he or she has endured workplace harassment that is severe or pervasive enough to establish a hostile work environment.

Legal Requirements

In order for a Fort Lauderdale harassment lawyer to establish the claim, he or she must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the unlawful conduct was due to the employee’s class or was directed at the employee due to his or her membership in a particular class.

Examples of Prohibited Conduct

A Fort Lauderdale harassment attorney can provide a few examples of prohibited conduct. Examples include when an employee makes sexually charged comments to a woman or racial remarks to an African American worker. Another example would be if a white manager only curses at Hispanic employees or gives better assignments only to members of a certain race and less preferred assignments to another race.

Sexual Harassment Cases

An employment lawyer will want to determine whether quid pro quo or a hostile work environment is at play in the case. This can be determined by showing that a person was subjected to unwelcome sexual advances with an underlying tone that rejection will impair the person’s career.

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