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The Fair Labor Standards Act is a complex federal law which mandates that non-exempt employees, who work more than forty hours per week are entitled to overtime compensation, at the rate of one and one half times their normal base wage rate. There are numerous exemptions under the law, for example for professional, managerial and executive employees.

Wage Disputes

Under federal law, many types of employees are protected from employer exploitation under various wage and overtime laws. As a prominent Ft. Lauderdale employment law office, we offer unparalleled representation of workers facing unfair treatment by their employers, including unpaid overtime and overdue paychecks. If you are facing a difficult situation with your employer and have questions about Florida and federal wage laws, contact a Ft. Lauderdale employment law office today.

Fort Lauderdale Wage and Hour Lawyer Discusses Overtime Laws

Although Florida does not have specific laws on the books with regard to overtime, you are protected from overtime abuse by the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA. According to these laws, employers are required to provide employees pay at a rate of one and one-half times their normal pay for hours worked beyond 40 in one work week. As a busy Ft. Lauderdale employment law office, we see plenty of attempts by employers to manipulate the meaning of “work week.” Under the laws, a work week need not necessarily be defined as Monday through Friday, but it must be a predictable span of regular time that does not change each week.

Your Fort Lauderdale Wage and Hour Lawyer can help you determine the correct amount of overtime pay to which you are entitled as well as guide you through the complaint process. If your case reaches a trial or hearing, your employer could face additional penalties and liability for unlawfully withholding overtime from workers.

Important Exceptions to Overtime Wage Laws

Not every employee is covered by overtime protections, unfortunately, and the FLSA specifically carves out several exceptions. Professional, executive and seasonal employees are considered exempt. Other exemptions include those in sales, commissioned employees, domestic staff, most agricultural positions, drivers and computer professionals. If you are unsure whether your position renders you eligible for overtime protections, your Ft. Lauderdale employment law office can help you better understand the current exemptions under federal laws.

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