Harassment Deposition Goals

In sexual harassment depositions, our Fort Lauderdale employment attorneys can explain that there are two critical issues. The first is what the plaintiff alleges was the harassing conduct. The second issue is the extent of the harassment.

Nature of the Harassment

During a deposition, your Fort Lauderdale employment attorneys may try to extract testimony regarding the nature of your harassment. Furthermore, your Fort Lauderdale employment lawyer will attempt to uncover evidence that shows or tends to show that the harassment was severe or pervasive. However, the attorney who is representing the defendant will attempt to uncover evidence that shows that the harassment never occurred or that it did not meet the definition of being pervasive or severe.

Potential Questions Regarding the Nature of the Harassment

Some questions Fort Lauderdale employment attorneys  may ask include the following:

  • Who engaged in the allegedly harassing conduct?
  • Did anyone witness the alleged instances of harassing conduct?
  • What instances comprised the alleged harassing conduct?
  • When did the alleged harassing conduct occur?
  • In what location did the harassing conduct occur?
  • Why did the witness believe the harassing conduct occur?

Pervasive and Severe Questions

Other questions that are asked may concentrate on whether the harassing conduct was pervasive or severe enough. In order to determine this answer, lawyers may ask about:

  • How often the conduct occurred
  • How severe the conduct was
  • Whether any physical threats were involved
  • Whether the conduct affected the victim’s work performance

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