Helpful Employment Documents

If you are in the process of filing a claim against your employer, a Ft. Lauderdale employment law attorney might recommend that you bring in certain documents. Some of the documents that your Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer are listed below.

List of Names and Relations

A Ft. Lauderdale employment law attorney might like to talk to other individuals about your case or gather information about these individuals before trial. Include a list of relevant names, positions and backgrounds for each party. Also, be sure that you document the role that he or she played in the unlawful treatment of you or what information the party might have.


A Ft. Lauderdale employment law attorney might want to see how temporally close certain events occurred. Include an outline of your position with your employer with the dates of your hire, promotions, performance evaluations and adverse employment action detailed on it.

Employment Documents

There are various other documents related to your employment that your Ft. Lauderdale employment law attorney might want to have on hand. This includes any offer letter or written contract with the employer. He or she may also want a copy of your resume and your employment application. The employee handbook can be helpful if it lists certain policies that are meant to deter discriminatory behavior. A Ft. Lauderdale employment law attorney may also wish to review your personnel file and any legal documents you signed for your employer, such as an arbitration agreement.

Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. might ask for additional documents when you come in for your consultation. Contact us today at (954)527-0570 to schedule your consultation appointment time.