How an Attorney Will Assess a Client in the Initial Meeting

Clients of a Fort Lauderdale harassment lawyer often wonder about the evaluation between attorney and client prior to agreeing to work together.

Harassment Attorney Explains how Cases are Evaluated

At the initial meeting between client and prospective attorney, both sides will engage in assessing one another. You will determine whether this particular attorney is who you want as your representative. The attorney will also determine whether they are the best resource to help you.

Ways in Which an Attorney Will Evaluate a Client

1) The lawyer will focus on assessing you. It is often the client who will be the key in winning or losing a case. If you are uncomfortable with your representation, the lawyer may suggest other options to help you have the best outcome.

2) The human factor in how the lawyer assesses the client will be imperative. You will need to provide testimony for the jury. This can take several days and can be difficult. The jurors will keep a close eye on you. The attorney will evaluate your mannerisms and make suggestions for behavior in the courtroom to avoid having the employer’s treatment of you seem justified to the jury.

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