How Lawyers Evaluate Cases

Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer must objectively evaluate each case in front of him or her. Here are a few red flags that may influence a Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer not to take a case.

Being Turned Down

A Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may be hesitant to take your case if you have visited other area attorneys and you have been rejected.

Knowledge About Settlement Strategies

If you state that the company where you work is likely to quickly settle the case and provide statistics about the likelihood of settlements, a Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may be skeptical about the legitimacy of your case.

Negative Performance Reviews

A Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer might point out signs that an employer may be acting in a discriminatory manner, such as providing negative performance reviews after a precipitating event. However, if you have a history of negative performance reviews, your Ft. Lauderdale employment attorney may be skeptical.

Overvaluing Your Case

Another red flag is if you overvalue your case. You may believe that the case is worth millions of dollars when you have not sustained damages of significant value. You may also expect a lawyer to pay for all of the costs upfront.

A lawyer will also evaluate you for honesty and how approachable you are as a person, which are characteristics that can affect the jury. If you would like to learn about how a lawyer may evaluate your case, contact Ft. Lauderdale Employment attorney Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. at (954) 527-0570 for more information.