Insurance for Directors and Officers

Fort Lauderdale employment lawyers may ask a series of questions about an employer’s insurance coverage. Here are two types of coverage that Fort Lauderdale discrimination attorneys will look for when assessing your claim.

Entity Coverage

Fort Lauderdale employment lawyers might mention that insurance carriers started to offer entity coverage, also called “Side C” coverage, that are typically excluded by the employer’s general liability insurance. Routinely, this type of coverage provides insurance for lawsuits that pertain to securities that are held against publicly traded corporations. If the director or officer is named as a defendant, this type of coverage provides for the costs and judgments against that individual. Fort Lauderdale employment lawyers can explain that if an insurance company does not provide this type of coverage, the amount that the insurance company spends on defense will not be covered by the directors and officers policy.

Tort Coverage

Historically, insurance companies have refused to cover the intentional acts of employees or other parties. However, Fort Lauderdale employment lawyers can explain that in recent years insurance companies have added protection for torts as part of their coverage. Other insurers provide separate insurance policies to employment practices claims so that it is explicitly written out on a different form or policy altogether.

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