Interview Strategies an Employer Will use to Accumulate Information

Clients of a Fort Lauderdale labor employment lawyer often ask about the strategies the former employer might use to accumulate evidence against you.

Employment Attorney Will Explain the Process of Interview

A Fort Lauderdale labor employment lawyer will tell you that if you don’t work for the former employer anymore, there are few reasons for you to agree to be interviewed. If you are still working for the employer, however, your employer will want to interview you.

The Two Ways in Which an Employer Will Interview You

A Fort Lauderdale employment attorney will explain the two ways an interview might be conducted:

  1. The employer might give you a pen and paper and have you write down your complaints. These could have to do with you being discriminated against, harassed or retaliated against. You will be asked to write that you had as much time as you needed. You will sign and date it; or
  2. A representative from human resources will interview you. The defense lawyer will be there to observe. You will receive a memorandum that will give a summary of your allegations. The representative will be able to testify, and your signature will lock you into your story.

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