Involving Your Broker If You Are Denied Insurance

There are situations in which employers have insurance, but coverage is denied on a claim. This is not the end of the road, because there are things you can do to counter such a decision. It is vital that you hire a Ft. Lauderdale employment law firm before you seek to do so.

Employment Lawyer On How Your Broker Can Assist You

Your insurance broker is paid to assist you when a claim is submitted. Indeed, your Ft. Lauderdale employment law firm will tell you that the commission they earned on your policy was their compensation. Brokers have claims advocates who work on behalf of insured employers when problems arise regarding coverage. Even a discrepancy in a claim’s language can trigger a denial, and such an issue can easily be resolved. A broker is also more likely to be familiar with policy forms and language issues that can affect decisions.

A Fort Lauderdale Employment Law Firm On Insurance Market Cycles

Another way your broker can help is through his expertise in dealing with insurance market cycles. Your Ft. Lauderdale employment law firm will tell you that there are both hard and soft markets, and a broker understands how to negotiate with insurance companies during either. You are in a better position to have a claim denial overturned during a soft market.

Work With A Fort Lauderdale Employment Lawyer If Your Claim Was Denied

If a claim you filed with your insurance company was denied, it is important that you not give up without a fight. Work with a Ft. Lauderdale employment law firm that understands insurance matters and will provide you with a high standard of legal representation. Call Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., today at (954) 527- 0570.