Issues Pertinent to a Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual harassment cases get a lot of airtime in the media these days, especially in fictional television shows. However, the reality of what constitutes sexual harassment and the criteria necessary to prove it differs greatly from what some may think. If you feel you have a case it is important that you hire a strong Ft. Lauderdale sexual harassment attorney.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer on the Scope of Protective Laws

Your Ft. Lauderdale sexual harassment attorney will tell you that though the common perception is that federal law protects employees generally from harassment, Title VII, the section which deals with such matters, does not offer such a blanket law. What are covered are specific forms of harassment such as that based upon race, gender, religion and skin color.

This means that, as a plaintiff, you will need to overcome numerous protections in order to prove your case. Without a Ft. Lauderdale sexual harassment attorney in your corner, you may find this very difficult, for it is important that the case is handled by someone who has developed some expertise on issues pertinent to sexual harassment and employer relations.

A Fort Lauderdale Sexual Harassment Attorney On Jury Instructions In Your Case

The jury will be instructed to consider only matters that are pertinent to the case and which fall within the confines of what is protected under federal law.

Work With A Fort Lauderdale Sexual Harassment Lawyer If You Have A Case

As an employee, you have the right to expect the workplace to be free of unwelcome sexual advances and treatment. If you have a case a Ft. Lauderdale sexual harassment attorney can help. Call Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. today at (954) 527-0570.