Preparing for Your Deposition

One of the critical moments in your sexual harassment case is when your Fort Lauderdale sexual harassment lawyer defends your deposition. In order to have a positive experience, your Fort Lauderdale sexual harassment lawyer will meet with you before the deposition to ensure your understanding of the process, your claim and the legal elements and theories that are part of your case.


Additionally, your Fort Lauderdale sexual harassment lawyer can explain that a blanket law on harassment does not exist. In place of such a law is Title VII that prohibits certain employers from taking part in specific kinds of individuals, such as harassment based on race or sex. Your Fort Lauderdale sexual harassment attorney must also pass other legal hurdles depending on the circumstances of the case, such as showing that conduct was unwelcome and that the conduct was adequately severe or pervasive in a sexual harassment suit.

Jury Instructions

One of the most effective ways for your employment law attorney to explain the legal theories in your case is to read you the jury instructions that will likely be read after your trial. These instructions are given to the jurors right before they begin deliberating on your case. Your attorney can explain each element and link your case and the specific circumstances that he or she believes establish each element. By going through this process, you can develop a better understanding of the case.

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