Pretrial Settlements

After your Fort Lauderdale employment attorney completes the discovery process, you and your attorney may discuss the possibility of settling your case. If the employer’s liability is relatively clear, the Fort Lauderdale employment law firm that represents you may recommend settling the case in an attempt to minimize the amount of attorney’s fees that you may wind up paying. Another reason why a Fort Lauderdale employment attorney may advise you to settle your claim is because employment claims tend to be detrimental for employees, so it may be best for you to settle your claim early prior to the point when attorney fees and legal costs are incurred at an amount that makes settlement less attractive.

Pretrial Motions

Your Fort Lauderdale employment attorney can explain that some pre-trial motions can be used to determine the other side’s strength of their case or to dispose of the matter altogether. For this reason, an attorney may advise against attempting to settle a claim until after a motion for summary judgment has been ruled on. If the motion for summary judgment is granted, the employee’s case will be disposed of. However, if the motion is denied, his or her position is now stronger. Therefore, some attorneys advise to look for an opportunity to settle after the motion for summary judgment has been filed but before it has been ruled upon.

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