Questions at Discrimination Deposition Legal Elements

Clients of a Fort Lauderdale discrimination lawyer frequently ask about the information that must be covered in a deposition for employment discrimination.

Accrue Evidence Proving That Discrimination Took Place

The attorney will try to prove that discrimination was clear in the way the employee was treated. This will entail that the employee was a member of a protected group due to disability, age, gender, race, national origin or color. It must also be shown that the treatment – being overlooked for promotion, being fired, not being hired or being demoted – happened because of membership of a protected group.

If the person was not hired, it would have to be established that he or she was part of a minority; was qualified and applied for it when the employer was hiring; that the qualifications were overlooked and the person didn’t get the job; and that, following the rejection, no one else was hired and the employer was still seeking to find someone who had the qualifications of the plaintiff.

The defendant is required to provide a viable reason not based in discrimination that the employee or prospective employee was treated that way. The plaintiff must then prove that the reason given by the defendant was used as the foundation to commit discrimination.

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