Recommendation Letters

As part of your settlement agreement with your employer, your Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may negotiate a recommendation letter. Here are a few options that your Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may suggest you include as part of your agreement.

Departure Letters

Your Ft. Lauderdale employment attorney can explain that a departure letter or email is a communication that your employer provides to your colleagues if you are still employed. It praises you for your contribution to the workplace and wishes you well on your future pursuits. The person who signs such a communication should be the appropriate individual so that your colleagues will appreciate his or her remarks. In your settlement agreement, your Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may require that the employer send an email to everyone in the workplace. In some instances, your Ft. Lauderdale employment attorney may draft the communication and attach it as an exhibit of the agreement.


In some instances, a Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may negotiate that only limited information will be provided to anyone who asks for a reference from your former employer. This strategy helps to ensure that unwanted comments are avoided and only basic information is revealed, such as your most recent position and your dates of employment.

Prohibition of Language

A Ft. Lauderdale employment lawyer may also include a provision about statements that should not be made about you, such as unfavorable language.

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