The Definition of Disability According to ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 specified that discrimination was illegal against someone who has a disability. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 emphasized that the scope of a disability is expanded to the broadest terms permitted by law. If you think you were a victim of discrimination under these parameters, call our Ft. Lauderdale discrimination attorney.

Discrimination Lawyer Explains The ADA Definition of a Disability
The expanded definition of a disability, according to the ADA includes a physical or mental impairment that seriously hinders or prevents a person from at least one major life activity or a history of a qualifying impairment or being regarded with a qualifying impairment. Our Ft. Lauderdale discrimination attorney can help you determine if you were the victim of discrimination due to an impairment.

What You Should Know About The ADA And A Social Security Disability Claim
The definitions of disability according to the ADA and the ADAAA do not mean that a person automatically qualifies for Social Security disability benefits. You can file a discrimination claim with our Ft. Lauderdale discrimination lawyer even if you have filed for SSD benefits. However, you will need to clarify how your SSD application does not conflict with your ADA claim. Our Ft. Lauderdale discrimination attorney can help you word your explanation properly.

The legal definition of a disability means that the term is open for broad interpretation by the courts. If you think you might have been treated unfairly because of a disability, talk to our Ft. Lauderdale discrimination attorney. You can reach Mark J. Berkowitz P.A., at (954) 527-0570.