Topics for Depositions

Before your deposition, your Fort Lauderdale employment law lawyer will discuss the role that depositions will play in your case. Primarily there are three main subject areas that the attorneys will focus on.

Protected Activity

Your Fort Lauderdale employment law lawyer can explain that one central question in your case is whether you engaged in protected activity. Some questions that you may hear during this portion of the deposition may include:

  • Did you ever complain about the alleged conduct?
  • To whom did you lodge the complaint?
  • Was anyone else there when you complained?
  • Did you document the activity?

A Fort Lauderdale Employment Law Lawyer Discusses Lack of Knowledge

Another set of questions that your Fort Lauderdale employment law lawyer may mention is those questions that are geared to show that the employer did not know of the alleged conduct. Questions in these areas may include:

  • Do you think that the decision-maker knew about your complaint?
  • Did anyone tell you that the decision-maker knew about your complaint?

Adverse Employment Action

In order to prevail with your claim, your Fort Lauderdale employment law lawyer will explain that you must show that you suffered some adverse employment action. Adverse action can be as obvious as being terminated or suspended, or it can be more subtle, like being transferred to another department or being given a different schedule.

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