Understanding Various Reasons for Objections in an Employment Deposition

Your Fort Lauderdale employment attorney can explain various terms that might be used if your lawyer objects during the deposition.

A Fort Lauderdale Employment Lawyer Will Detail What Is Meant When There Are Objections

The following are terms that will be used as an objection is raised:

  • Compound
    This will be used if a certain question is made up of two parts that your attorney believes should be responded to independently.
  • Asked and answered
    A common tactic used by defense lawyers is to repeatedly ask the same question in different ways until the answer they want is given. A good attorney will object and say, “Asked and answered.” This means that you already gave an answer to the question.
  • Document speaks for itself
    The defense attorney might try to trick you into characterizing a document in the way they want it to be viewed. Your attorney making this objection will tell you to examine the document and quote it instead of placing it in a context that might benefit the defense.
  • Unintelligible
    If the defense attorney asks a question that is nonsensical, your lawyer will object. You shouldn’t answer until the question has been rephrased.

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