Employment Lawyer: Urban Outfitters Managers Lose Motion to Certify as a Collective Action In Overtime Wage Suit

Urban Outfitters, Inc. department managers who accused the company of unlawfully denying them overtime pay were decertified as a class, after declining to object to a federal magistrate judge’s recommendation against their claims being heard as a group. U.S. District Judge Roslynn Mauskopf adopted a magistrate judge’s report and recommendation, stating that there were no plain errors in the prior ruling and that plaintiffs had failed to raise any objections.

The magistrate judge had found that the differences in the duties, responsibilities and authority described by managers who filed the suit and those who opted in were too vast to bring the claims under one collective action, under the Fair Labors Standards Act Judge Mauskopf, finding that the magistrate judge had properly weighed the factors raised by Urban Outfitters and the workers, accepted that conclusion.

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