What Title VII Does Not Protect

While some employees may think that all forms of discrimination are prohibited by Title VII, an attorney at the Fort Lauderdale employment law firm that represents you can explain that this is not the case. Below are a few areas that are not protected by this Act.

Sexual Orientation

Title VII does not protect employees who were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. However, an attorney at the Fort Lauderdale employment law firm that represents you may be able to make a viable argument based on gender stereotyping in order to have Title VII apply to your case. Similarly, a Fort Lauderdale employment lawyer may make this argument for someone who has been discriminated against for being a transsexual.

Marital or Parental Status

Another area that Title VII does not protect is marital or parental status. On the other hand, if an employer establishes a policy that discriminates against mothers, that policy must also discriminate against fathers in order to avoid a gender-based discrimination claim.

Disability or Age

While disability or age are not protected by Title VII, your Fort Lauderdale employment lawyer can explain that there are other Acts that cover these areas.

Political Affiliation

Like disability or age, there is a different Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of political affiliation. However, this Act only applies to public employees and not those in private industries.

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By  Mark J. Berkowitz |  Posted on  September 2, 2015