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Do you need an age discrimination attorney in Fort Lauderdale to fight back the age-based discrimination you recently experienced? Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. is home to experienced employment discrimination attorneys who are here to help you. With our in-depth understanding of the laws concerning age discrimination, you’ll get the best legal guidance to carry on with your career.

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What You’ll Get From Our Age Discrimination Attorney In Fort Lauderdale

Age discrimination can manifest in varying ways. They consist of harassment, comments, and biases linked to age and your ability to execute a job, despite solidified evidence that proves your competence. In addition, age discrimination can also influence your employment decisions or career advancement within your present job. Of course, all of these biases and comments might not be solidly rooted or justified. Sadly, they can ruin your life now and in the future. But, with us, you can be confident that you’ll bounce back. We have the right tools to fight for you! If you hire us, you can fight back against any injuries done to your career. As the best “age discrimination attorney near me,” employment our attorneys understand all the laws that govern age discrimination in conjunction with varying employment discrimination and disputes. It’s our goal to offer comprehensive legal counsel so you can thrive in your career and obtain compensation from the best Fort Lauderdale age discrimination lawyer.

How to Win Your Age Discrimination Case

Seven Examples Of Age-Based Work Discrimination lawyer You Should Know

If you’ve been willing to know the type of age-based discrimination you are a victim of, examine these seven common ones in the workplace:

  • Age-related jokes or comments
  • Disciplining of only older employees
  • Favoritism of younger employees
  • Hiring decision that’s primarily based on age. This also includes the custom of recruiting only younger workers.
  • Promotion of only younger employees
  • Unexpected negative performance reviews immediately after a birthday.

While these are fundamental types common in the workplace, age discrimination isn’t limited to these. They can still come in varying ways. The complexities of the problem are reasons you need an age discrimination lawyer Fort Lauderdale locals swear by.

Age Discrimination Case In The Recruitment Process

Avoiding Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Regrettably, there are some aspects of age discrimination that have been in daily cultural biases. It has been commonplace that it might be difficult for employees to realize that they are battling it. So, the first way to avoid age discrimination is to understand your rights! To understand varying forms of age discrimination, you need to hire the best “age discrimination lawyer near me.” Speaking with our experts in our office will place you on the right track to defend your rights and enjoy your career as long as you want.

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