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The older we get, the wiser we become. For many of us, this should only enhance our careers. For those who are victims of age-based discrimination, however, our growing ages may be to our detriment. But it shouldn’t be. The firm of Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. consists of experience employment discrimination lawyers ready to help you fight back. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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Fight Back With Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Age discrimination can take many forms. It can consist of biases, comments, or harassment related to your age and conceptions about how well you can do your job, despite actual evidence to the contrary. Age discrimination can also affect employment decisions, or potential advancement opportunities within your current job. While some of these biases or decisions may have no malevolent intent behind them, they can still damage your life all the same. Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. is here to help you fight back against these injuries to your career.

Our firm knows the laws surrounding age discrimination inside and out, in addition to the many other areas of employment disputes and discrimination. It is our mission to provide you legal guidance so that you may continue to prosper in your career, and receive compensation for past wrongs, free of age-based discrimination.

How to Win Your Age Discrimination Case

Learn To Spot Age Discrimination with Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Some aspects of age discrimination have become so cemented in our everyday cultural biases that we may not even realize which actions constitute age discrimination. Many victims of such discrimination dismiss that they even have a case to begin with based on these cultural biases they are so accustomed to. That’s why Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. is here with a list of what to look out for.

Age Discrimination Case In The Recruitment Process

Examples of Age-Based Discrimination In The Workplace:

  • Age-related comments or jokes
  • Favoritism of younger employees
  • Promotion of only younger employees
  • Disciplining of only older employees
  • Hiring decisions based solely on age (including patterns of hiring only younger workers)
  • Laying off older workers who are more qualified in favor of younger (less qualified) workers
  • Sudden negative performance reviews following a birthday

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Age discrimination can come from many angles, in many different ways.

It’s also important to note can happen between a wide variety of parties. Most people think of a younger employer discriminating against an older employee, but this is not always the case. The two parties may be around the same age, or even older than the victim. Age discrimination can be perpetrated by any age.

Uncertain situations like these are one of the many reasons it’s important to have an age discrimination lawyer, like Mark J. Berkowitz, on your side.

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The firm of Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. has many years as employment discrimination lawyers, always helping our clients make the most of the compensation they deserve, and to get back to the career they love. If you believe yourself a victim of age-based discrimination in the workplace, call our Fort Lauderdale office today to schedule a consultation.

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