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Discrimination Lawyers On The False Claims Act/Qui Tam

Have you ever heard of the False Claims Act? Known as the FCA, the law allows individuals and whistleblowers to litigate against those who have defrauded the federal government and federal contractors.

Under the Writ of Qui Tam, whistleblowers can share in proceeds won in exchange for helping prosecute fraud. Qui Tam claims can apply to fraudulent marketing and pricing practices, as well as the giving of kickbacks to medical practitioners.

The primary offenders are corporations. Some of the ways they may try to defraud others include procurement through a range of contractors (including defense contractors); and claims that involve false reimbursements for medicare and medicaid.

Awards to the federal government and individual whistleblowers continue to be substantial in terms of monetary value. Coding and billing violations are often brought under the FCA as medicare fraud claims.

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You Don’t Have to Live With Fraud

Thanks to whistleblowers, the FCA remains effective in deterring would-be fraudsters. Over 35 years, these entities have taken the federal government for over $13.5 billion.

If you’ve been defrauded, you should know you have legal recourse. More than 99% of FCA cases are settled or dismissed before trial, giving you a good chance of winning. Additionally, whistleblowers have protection from retaliation under this law.

The federal government has decreed that anyone found violating the FCA must pay a penalty between $5,000-10,000 (Whistleblowerllc). FCA claimants must file their complaints under seal in a U.S. District Court, and provide a written copy of their complaint to the U.S. Attorney-General. If you need help navigating this process, you can’t make a better choice than Mark J. Leibowitz.

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The Justice Department collected over $3 billion from FCA cases in 2019. More than $2.6 billion of this relates to the healthcare industry, which illustrates how common fraud can be.

Mark has spent his professional career focusing on labor and employment law, and arguing cases before state and federal courts, as well as arbitration panels and administrative agencies . His first priority is always to get clients the most compensation possible, because they are his top focus.

Mark can handle a number of different legal situations, from divorce law and annulments to family law and custody. His team can even manage bankruptcy and real estate law cases.

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