Having a disability can vastly change the way you experience the world. But it doesn’t cut off your everyday capabilities altogether. In fact, with minor, reasonable accommodations, many jobs are perfectly doable by those with disabilities. Despite this, many employers treat such employers unfairly or do not provide these accommodations. Fight back with the experienced Fort Lauderdale discrimination attorneys at Mark J. Berkowitz P.A.!

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People with disabilities are faced with the constant burden of a world not made to accommodate them. The Americans with Disabilities Act seeks to remedy this fact, however, starting in the workplace. Not only does it make discrimination in the form of harassment and unfair treatment unlawful, it also requires employers to provide their employees with disabilities with reasonable accommodations, allowing them to perform their jobs as well as their coworkers who need no such accommodation.

Disability discrimination lawsuits come with a lot red tape and legal shuffling. First, you must prove that your condition meets the legal definition of a “disability”, and that you are able to perform this job with reasonable accommodation. Then, the burden of proof remains on the plaintiff (or the victim) to show that these accommodations were not met, or that other damages occurred, as a result of employer bias against their disability.
These damages can come in the form of harassment, demotion, termination, pay cuts, and emotional pain and suffering.

Before going to an official judge, most cases must also first go before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

As you can see, though filing a disability discrimination claim is the just thing to do, it is a highly complicated process. At the firm of Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. we have years of experience in working with the EEOC, helping you gather the proper evidence and formulating effective arguments that will win you the compensation you deserve— whether in the form of job reinstatement, pain and suffering costs, punitive damages or more.

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Kinds Of Disability Discrimination

One of the aspects of disability discrimination claims that make this area of law different from other cases of discrimination is the fact that disability discrimination essentially comes in two forms: harassment/unfavorable treatment, and failure to provide accommodations.
The Americans with Disabilities Act not only makes harassment and unfair treatment (which can include anything from insensitive jokes, slurs, etc. to job demotion or termination), but it also requires that an employer supply employees with disabilities with reasonable accommodation.
The legal definition of disability discrimination is rather broad, which can be helpful to your case. However, because the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, making your argument can often be more difficult than you think.
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