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When facing employment-related legal issues, it’s crucial to have an experienced lawyer in Miami on your side. At Mark J. Berkowitz., our team specializes in a range of practice areas, including age discrimination, disability discrimination, and wrongful discharge. Our lead attorney, Mark J. Berkowitz, has over 30 years of experience and a proven track record in labor and employment law. Learn more about our legal practice areas and how Mark J. Berkowitz can help you with your case.

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About Mark J. Berkowitz

Mark J. Berkowitz is a dedicated employment lawyer with extensive experience representing clients in various phases of employment discrimination cases, including sexual harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination. His practice also covers wage and hour claims for unpaid overtime and claims for long-term disability benefits and pension under ERISA. Having assisted clients throughout Florida and beyond, Mark J. Berkowitz is a trusted name in labor and employment law.

Legal Practice Areas

At Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., our team specializes in the following legal practice areas:

  • Age Discrimination: We work to protect employees from age-based discrimination, ensuring equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace.
  • Disability Discrimination: In addition to discrimination, our team fights for the rights of employees with disabilities, ensuring they receive reasonable accommodations and fair treatment.
  • False Claims Act: We represent clients in whistleblower cases, holding employers accountable for fraudulent activities.
  • Religious Discrimination: We defend employees against religious discrimination, promoting a respectful and inclusive work environment.
  • Sexual Harassment: Our experienced attorneys help victims of sexual harassment seek justice and hold perpetrators accountable.
  • Employee Representation: We provide comprehensive legal representation for employees in all aspects of employment law, including discrimination and wrongful termination cases.
  • Employee Discrimination: Our firm is dedicated to fighting against all forms of discrimination in the workplace. Furthermore, we ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all.
  • Workplace Discrimination: We represent clients in cases involving race, national origin, gender, and other forms of discrimination.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination: We advocate for the rights of pregnant employees. And we ensure they receive fair treatment and accommodations during their pregnancy.

Why Choose Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A.?

Selecting the right legal representation is crucial when facing employment issues. Here are five reasons to choose Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A.:

  1. Experience: With over 30 years of experience in labor and employment law, Mark J. Berkowitz has a deep understanding of the legal landscape and its nuances.
  2. Expertise: Our firm specializes in a wide range of practice areas, ensuring we can address various employment-related legal matters.
  3. Client Focus: We are dedicated to providing personalized attention, understanding each client’s unique situation, and working tirelessly to achieve the best outcome.
  4. Proven Track Record: Our history of successful case resolutions demonstrates our commitment to achieving justice for our clients.
  5. Accessible Representation: We prioritize open communication and make ourselves available to address any concerns or questions throughout the legal process.

Choose Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., for knowledgeable, compassionate, and results-driven legal representation.

Let Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. Fight for Your Rights

At Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., we understand the challenges employees face when dealing with workplace discrimination, wrongful discharge, and unpaid overtime. As a leading Miami employment lawyer, Mark J. Berkowitz is committed to providing exceptional legal representation to clients in Florida and beyond.
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