Workplace Discrimination

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An employer that discriminates against their employee based on color, race, age, gender, or any other factor is breaking the law. The victims of discrimination deserve justice and are entitled to recover damages, including back wages, lost perks, and different types of compensation.

Discrimination is unjust, morally reprehensible, and unlawful. You should fight back. However, the procedure of enforcing discrimination laws in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, needs to be clarified and may include both state and federal entities.

But, an excellent workplace Harrasment attorney from Mark J. Berkowitz can help you maneuver the complicated world of Florida labor laws. We are client-focused employment attorneys in Miami-Dade County whose ultimate goal is to see our clients happy.

Our founder, Mark Berkowitz, has spent most of his professional career focussing explicitly on labor and employment laws. Moreover, he has argued several cases before state and federal courts. He is the best labor & employment attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

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We focus on the following areas of labor law:

  • Non-compete agreements,
  • Gender discrimination claims,
  • Race discrimination claims,
  • Disability discrimination claims,
  • Sexual harassment claims,
  • workplace harassment
  • Age discrimination claims,
  • Religious discrimination claims,
  • Overtime claims,
  • Retaliation claims,
  • Wrongful discharge claims,
  • Pregnancy discrimination claims,
  • Representation of federal employees,
  • Presentation of state employees,
  • Representation of municipal employees,
  • Representation in arbitration matters, and
  • Long-term disability claims

Our Focused Areas

We focus on all areas of discrimination. This includes the following:

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At Mark, J. Berkowitz, we recognize discrimination is tricky, but our experienced workplace discrimination attorneys are the best in the field.

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