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Religious faith is often considered a “taboo subject” in the workplace. Many find it a deeply personal and emotionally charged topic that makes for a delicate discussion, which is often seen as unproductive and inappropriate for the workplace. Often, though, you do not shed your faith completely, even at work, which can sometimes lead to discrimination by those who do not approve of your views. Protect your rights with the experience discrimination lawyers at Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. in Fort Lauderdale— schedule a consultation with us today!

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If you are treated differently by your employer or coworkers as a result of your religious background, you have likely experienced religious discrimination. Such discrimination is protected against by the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on a federal level, and by The Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992, on a state level. So when you are targeted for your religion, what can you do?

Religious discrimination cases require careful examination and gathering of evidence. Mark J. Berkowitz has years of experience with such cases, so we know exactly how the procedure goes, and how to best fight for your compensation.

We will start your case by gathering evidence. This part can sometimes be difficult, as there is usually not much concrete evidence, and your case is instead mainly built on your own testimony and the testimony of others. We will help you clearly lay each and every incident of discrimination as well as the indications that these actions were basis on religious bias.

Next, we will file a claim of religious discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). We have many years of experience working with the EEOC, and know best on how to make effective arguments on your behalf. This government agency handles most workplace discrimination cases, and an official declaration of religious discrimination will insurmountably aid your case and earn you compensation.

Next will be the discrimination lawsuit itself, which will place your case before the judge.

Religious discrimination in the Workplace

What Is Considered Religious Discrimination?

There are mainly three kinds of religious discrimination, some less blatant than you might realize. Learn how to spot each kind of specific religious discrimination below.

Disparate Treatment
This usually the most direct form of discrimination, often involving explicit policies or statements from the employer hindering the hiring, advancement, or fair treatment of a person specifically for their religion.

Disparate Impact
This kind of discrimination attempts to be stealthier. The policy in place may not directly target a certain group, but still serves to exclude the people and practices of a particular faith. For example, a policy barring all hats and headwear— refusing any exceptions— may be put in place to affect those wearing hijab or other religious headwear.

Hostile Work Environment
This form of discrimination is less about hurtful policy in place, but the allowance of an employer for coworkers to continually harass, intimidate, and abuse a coworker for their religious beliefs.

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