Religious discrimination in the Workplace

Religious Discrimination In The Eyes Of A Discrimination Lawyer

Religious discrimination takes face in many forms in workplace settings. Some examples can include but are not limited to a pay difference, job assignments, layoffs, firing, or promotions. If you have been harassed, segregated, or shown any type of different treatment at your workplace due to religious beliefs, we suggest you contact our discrimination lawyers at Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. today! We offer the best defense against employers who discriminate against your first amendment right to have individual beliefs. Our team of passionate and experienced attorneys are located conveniently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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What Does Religious Discrimination Look Like According To Our Discrimination Lawyers?

Discrimination of any sort can be physical or verbal; therefore, the same rules apply in this case. Comments made toward a person’s beliefs in negative tones and manners, mocking a co-worker for not eating pork or beef, and doubting a person’s inability to perform a job based on beliefs is one of the many faces discrimination can be shown through. However, there are other circumstances, such as pay differences, fringe benefits, firing, or hiring, that also can be used as a way to downgrade and discriminate. Regardless of how it took place, nobody deserves to go through the emotional and physical effects of discrimination. We want to help make you comfortable and confident in what you believe.

How A Discrimination Lawyer Proves It Happened

In order to begin the process, we must consider the ability to prove the workplace’s behavior is due to religious discrimination. Of course, if an employer has bluntly admitted religious bias, this won’t be hard to prove. It comes down to one or more of the three ways to prove discrimination. 

  1. Testimonial- However, keep in mind secondary or “hearsay” information may not be much help in a situation like this. 
  2. Documents- This can be anything from a written procedure, letter, or policy. 
  3. Statistical- This way must meet certain scientific standards.

What Our Discrimination Lawyer Has To Offer!

Mark J Berkowitz is one of Florida’s most respected discrimination law firm. He has more than 20 years of experience fighting for the people and helping them regain their confidence in themselves and their beliefs through fighting for what they deserve. Mark’s first goal is to prioritize you and get you the most out of your time. We strongly believe that you are the most important part of the job. We work with our clients for many services such as age and disability discrimination, as well as False Claims Act and sexual harassment.

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Here at Mark J Berkowitz, P.A., we are completely dedicated to you and all services you require to get the job done. We don’t allow employers of any type to discriminate against anyone due to age, sex, race, or religion. Call or visit us today at our conveniently located office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Let us give you the relief you deserve with our professional discrimination lawyer with experience in a variety of labor and employment practices. Be sure to check out the reviews previous clients have left; let them tell you just how reliable and efficient we can and will be for you!

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