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Gender inequality is a social phenomenon where men and women are treated unequally. The rise of the distinction regards psychology, biology, and cultural norms, which has become prevalent in society. These distinctions are empirically grounded, and they are social constructs.

Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., is the best gender discrimination attorney in Florida. We can help you receive compensation for unlawful discrimination at your workplace. In addition, our company has been doing this for over two decades, and we fully understand Florida’s employment discrimination laws.

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Examples of Gender-Based Discrimination

There are many ways an employer can discriminate against you regarding your gender. It is not always sexual and involves looking down on you because of who you are.

Here are a few examples:

  • Getting fired or demoted because you are part of an organization that consists of or advocates for a specific gender.
  • Bing passed over for a job or an interview because of your gender.
  • Experiencing harassment because of your gender.
  • Harassed by anyone of the same or different gender at work.


Establishing a Case for Discrimination Based on Gender

The attorneys at our law firm specialize in Florida employment discrimination laws and will work tirelessly to verify your claim’s legitimacy. 

We use our extensive knowledge, court experience, and commitment to the law to advocate for workers’ rights. Moreover, we shall devise a great action plan and collect evidence to back it up. 

Documentation and anecdotal evidence shall be utilized to show a case of job discrimination based on your gender.

Have you experienced prejudice because of your gender? Then, consult with us. We are the best gender discrimination lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. is the most influential law firm to collaborate with regarding compensation.

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