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Are you facing discrimination at work? Our employment attorney in Broward County can help. Any form of discrimination violates your rights; you can have the upper hand by exercising your rights!

Trust our employment attorney in Broward County to protect you from workplace discrimination, bullying, and any form of sexual harassment.

If you are facing any form of discrimination, having a discrimination attorney in Broward County goes a long way in getting your justice.

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How Our Discrimination Attorney In Broward County Can Help You

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We have been in employment law for over 20 years. We deal mainly with discrimination cases, which gives us an edge when handling your case.
Hiring our experienced sexual harassment attorney in Broward County increases your chances of success in a discrimination case.

Our Hands-on Experience

We do not let you deal with the case on your own. Our discrimination attorney in Broward County holds your hand throughout the process, enlightening you on what to do and what not to do to increase your chances of winning the case.
We also hold your hand and protect your rights in case you deal with employee discrimination or retaliation at work.

We Provide Personalized Services

We take our time to understand what you are going through. Our disability attorney in Broward County will treat your case uniquely, dealing with the issues as they come.

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Are you tired of dealing with discrimination at your workplace? Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. can help! Call our employment attorney in Broward County to help you protect and fight for your rights!
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