How Much Will My Disability Lawyer Cost Me

How Much Will My Disability Lawyer Cost Me

You will consider filing for Social Security Disability payments if you cannot work for a year or longer due to sickness or injury. Unfortunately, after several years of contributions to the social security fund, the overwhelming number (above 70%) of people who request these incentives are refused claims.

While some disabled employees get accepted for a benefit later in the appeal process, it can take a lengthy, exhausting delay. Luckily, to improve the likelihood of obtaining your lawsuit, employ Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., a trained disability lawyer. Residents at Fort Lauderdale can employ our disability lawyer. We usually charge 25% of your expected compensation or $6,000, depending on which one is lesser.

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What are the contingency fees for a disability lawyer?

Don’t be bothered about fees to hiring a disability lawyer. Social protection attorneys operate based on a contingent fee. Which ensures they are paid only if and when social security payments are granted. You won’t compensate them if the claim has not been acknowledged yet in the process.

There is no expense to employ a top lawyer with disabilities. You will sign a “contingency fee agreement” before you recruit your counsel, and it will dictate the precise terms of their fees.

The SSA (Social Security Administration) needs to approve these charge contracts, so ensure that you read them closely before signing.

Are There Extra Costs?

The sole exception to this provision is whether your counsel represents you at some added expense. If this occurs, you could pay for them in advance or get billed (this should be clearly explained in the terms and conditions signed).

It does not cover regular fees for stuff like paper and long-distance calling nor charges for things like copies of your medical history and your physicians’ notes.

Before paying the bills that you are liable for, the disability attorney can always inform you. In most cases, patient reports will be freely accessed without payment, and the consumer may not pay extra charges.

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When social security premiums are awarded, the SSA will determine on which date you have been injured. Usually, this is about the moment you quit working, but it can be later if the SSA decides that the illness worsens later.

The judgment you are receiving indicates this date explicitly. If you are found disabled about six months from the date your application is granted, more than likely, you will be paid a lump sum for your past-due benefits; this is the amount used to determine your Social Security Disability Lawyer’s Fee.

Talk to a social security lawyer if your condition takes away your opportunity to work with your full team. We have expert disability lawyers you can discuss your options with as we are committed to serving you.

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Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. offers you the most experienced disability lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. With us as your representative, your chances of getting fair compensation is enhanced. Contact us today, and we will be glad to serve you.

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