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Representation of Federal Employees: Protecting Your Rights

In today’s dynamic workplace, federal employees play a crucial role in maintaining the functioning of our government. However, like other workers, they can face various employment-related challenges that can lead to wrongful termination. This is where representation of federal employees becomes essential. At Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., we understand the unique issues federal employees may encounter and are dedicated to providing them with the legal support they need.

Representation of Federal Employees in Wrongful Termination Cases

One of the most distressing situations a federal employee can face is wrongful termination. In the context of federal employment, it refers to a federal worker’s unfair or unlawful dismissal. Federal employees, whether in government agencies or departments, enjoy certain rights and protections distinct from those of private-sector employees. Nevertheless, they can still find themselves in situations where their employment rights are violated, leading to wrongful termination. Your employment rights should be protected if you work for a government agency or department. If you believe you were terminated unfairly or unlawfully, seeking legal assistance is crucial. Our experienced wrongful termination lawyers are well-versed in federal employment laws and can help you navigate this complex area.

Non-Compete Agreements

Federal employees may also encounter non-compete agreements as part of their employment contracts. These agreements typically restrict employees from working for competing entities or starting their ventures in the same industry for a specified period after leaving their current position. Non-compete agreements may limit a federal worker’s ability to seek employment or pursue entrepreneurial opportunities after leaving government service. Navigating the complexities of non-compete agreements, especially when intersecting with federal employment, requires a thorough understanding of federal employment and contract law. Federal employees must be aware of the implications of these agreements, and if they believe their rights are being violated, they should seek legal counsel promptly. Our legal team can review your non-compete agreement to ensure it complies with the law and doesn’t unduly restrict your future employment opportunities.

Protection Against Retaliation

Retaliation can take many forms, from being demoted to facing a hostile work environment. Federal employees who report wrongdoing, discrimination, or other law violations should not face repercussions for doing so. Our attorneys represent federal employees who have experienced retaliation and can help you take appropriate legal action.


At Mark J. Berkowitz, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal representation for federal employees facing various employment-related challenges. Whether you need assistance with a wrongful termination case, non-compete agreement review, or protection against retaliation, our team is here to support you. Your rights as a federal employee matter, and we are dedicated to ensuring they are upheld. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you protect your career and rights as a federal employee.