Have you ever filed a lawsuit? You probably heard the term ‘arbitration’ and wondered what it means.

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process that happens outside the courtroom. An impartial third party hears the case, weighs the evidence, and decides.

If you are a resident of Miami and have a case that does not warrant the hassle of a courtroom, then you should hire an arbitrator lawyer.

Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., is Florida’s most reliable arbitration lawyer. Our 20 years of experience representing clients rank us as the best arbitration lawyers in Miami-Dade county. We help clients receive just awards based on the law.

Apart from arbitrator services, we also provide professional labor and employment law counseling. Here’s a look at five things you need to know about arbitration and arbitration lawyers in Florida:


  • Your Arbitration Lawyer Should Be Present During the Arbitration

Parties can hire an arbitrator lawyer to represent them and advocate for their best interests. An experienced Fort Lauderdale arbitration lawyer understands how the process works and will improve your chances of the decision being in your favor.

  • Arbitrators From Florida Don’t Need To Meet Training Requirements To Oversee Proceedings

The Supreme Court of Florida does not certify arbitrators. Still, they and the chief judge of a Florida county can remove an arbitrator from a list of court-approved or appointed arbitrators.

An arbitrator lawyer must meet the following requirements to serve in Florida:

  • They must have participated in at least 4 hours of professional training.
  • They must be licensed to practice law in Florida.
  • Chief arbitrators must have held a Florida law license for five years to qualify.

Also, remember that parties can have a non-attorney arbitrator oversee the proceedings as long as they all agree in writing. Otherwise, non-attorney can only act as arbitrators on arbitration panels.

  • You Select The Arbitrator

Parties can choose an arbitrator they believe has the most experience in the disputed matter or the area of law to be discussed. This is encouraged when enlisting arbitration services as it saves you time and money you would spend educating the arbitrator.

  • The Benefits Of Arbitration

Arbitration services are cheaper and faster than litigation through court. The parties pay for the arbitration services, and how they divide payments depends on the circumstances.

The Supreme Court of Florida decides how much court-appointed arbitrators are paid per day to render arbitration services in non-binding, involuntary arbitration.

Arbitration takes less time than litigation because there is a limit to how much evidence and how many witnesses parties can present.

Arbitration services are confidential because they are not required to take place in a public forum like court proceedings. They also do not have public records unless the parties request for a record to be made in writing.

  • Arbitration and Mediation are Different

They may be interchanged from the day-to-day talk, but the terms arbitration and mediation are different. Arbitration and mediation are used to resolve disputes outside a court of law through a neutral third party, but that is where their similarities end.

The parties usually decide the entire case during arbitration, but in mediation, they may choose portions of the case or none of it. The mediator in mediation will listen to both sides of the case and then guide the parties on how to resolve the issue. On the other hand, Arbitrators make the final decisions about the subject.


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