If you are disabled and have been discriminated against at your workplace do not worry about it. You can file a complaint with a disability discrimination attorney in Florida and protect your rights.

Living with a disability greatly changes the way you experience life. However, that doesn’t mean you should be cut off from everyday capabilities.

Employers often treat people living with disabilities unfairly and fail to provide good working environments for them. If this is the case at your place of work, then you need to contact a Florida discrimination lawyer.


Types of Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination could either be in form of unfair treatment or harassment that includes anything from insensitive jokes to slurs at the workplace.

Also, not providing an accommodative environment for workers with disabilities is against the law. Reasonable accommodation includes wheelchair access and providing readers and interpreters for the blind or hearing impaired.

If you find that you are working in a hostile work environment, you most definitely need to call a Florida discrimination lawyer.

Other forms of discrimination include being denied a promotion or being wrongfully terminated at your place of work. A victim of such treatment deserves to have effective legal representation.


Get Legal Advice

All employees are protected from disability discrimination in the workplace under the Florida disability laws. These laws provide that individuals with disabilities should enjoy the same opportunities that people without disabilities do.

For more advice don’t hesitate to contact a Florida discrimination lawyer to make sure you are fully aware of all your options before proceeding.

Discrimination attorneys in Fort Lauderdale for instance,  offer great professional guidance and counseling. Consulting a legal expert is the first step in determining your options if you have been discriminated against at work due to a disability.


Finding a Florida Discrimination Lawyer

Disability discrimination attorneys in Florida are simply one call away. Making your argument as a victim can be much more difficult than you think. This is because the burden of the proof is on the plaintiff.

Sometimes, you could be unsure whether your case qualifies as disability discrimination. Luckily, the legal definition of disability discrimination is broad.

A Florida discrimination lawyer will help you file a charge of disability discrimination with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (EEOC)

For more help on this, talk things out with one of our many discrimination attorneys in Miami and Palm Beach.


Mark J. Berkowitz Fort Lauderdale Employment Law Attorney

You can easily get representation from a Florida discrimination lawyer at the discrimination attorney Fort Lauderdale.

Set an appointment by visiting their website to get representation in all phases of your case from consultations to arguing before a judge.

A disability discrimination attorney in Florida will fight for the best possible outcome for your case regardless of the type of discrimination.