Regarding disability insurance claims, there are three instances in which one might consider hiring a disability lawyer in Miami: before filing a claim, after a claim has been denied, and before filing a lawsuit.

While different factors come into play when hiring an attorney for representation in a disability insurance claim, the client’s expectations should remain consistent in each of these situations.

When hard-working Americans have their claims for long-term disability denied, appealing the decision is difficult. It can be challenging to identify where the claim went wrong or whether any errors led to the denial of the claim.

Many people turn to a qualified and experienced long-term disability lawyer in Miami for help.

When you choose to work with Mark J. Berkowitz, our team of long-term disability insurance denial lawyers can assist you through every stage of the appeal process. Our objective is to reduce interruptions to your life and optimize the potential disability compensation in your situation.

How does a Disability Lawyer in Miami help you?

Mark J. Berkowitz disability denial lawyers can assist you with:

  • Creating a compelling appeal with a greater chance of success.
  • Creating a level playing field between you and the major insurance companies that denied your claim.
  • Forming a dedicated & personalized team to support your case.
  • Offering knowledge, confidence, and assistance as we go through the process together.
  • Pursuing the compensation, you need to cover necessary expenses such as car payments, medical bills, groceries, and rent/mortgage payments, while you cannot work.

By choosing to be a Mark J. Berkowitz client, you can benefit from the expertise of our attorneys, who specialize in long-term disability denial cases. They can:

  • Collect evidence to support your claim: Our attorneys will collaborate with you to gather all the relevant information about your case and understand the reason for your insurer’s denial.
  • Submit your appeal within the deadline: Meeting the strict deadlines during the appeals process is crucial. Our attorneys will ensure that your appeal is comprehensive, meticulous, and in optimal condition before submitting it to your insurance carrier.
  • Represent you in court (if applicable): If your appeal is unfairly rejected, the Sokolove law long-term disability attorneys may be able to advocate for you in court.

Benefits of Hiring Disability Lawyer in Miami 

If a client chooses to hire an attorney, they should anticipate and insist on the following standards from their legal representative.

  • Knowledgeable & Experienced

When enlisting the services of a lawyer for disability advice, guidance, or representation in a disability insurance matter. a potential client needs to ensure that the lawyer they are hiring possesses ample knowledge & experience in this field. If the benefits stem from an employer-provided benefit plan, the claim is likely subject to the ERISA law.

Therefore, the disability lawyer in Miami should deeply understand this area of law and be well-versed in disability insurance matters. Claimants should, therefore, avoid hiring a general practitioner and instead seek out a lawyer who specializes in managing disability insurance claims.

  • Zealous Disability Lawyer

Although all lawyers for disability have some ethical obligation to provide zealous representation to their clients, some distinguish themselves by leaving no stone unturned & putting in the necessary hard work and effort that can make the difference between success and failure. By perusing client testimonials & evaluating the feedback of others who have engaged with the lawyer and law firm, clients can gain insight into the quality of services provided by the attorney and firm they are considering.

While zealousness is a crucial aspect of legal representation, it should not be equated with combativeness. Ultimately, clients benefit from hiring a disability lawyer highly regarded by judges & opposing counsel. It does not imply that the lawyer is “soft” or ineffectual. It indicates that the lawyer is competent and respected by both their peers and the courts as a professional who can achieve results.

  • Responsive & Informative

One of the most frequently heard grievances about lawyers is their inability to return phone calls promptly. Clients are entitled to expect timely responses when they call/email their attorneys.

While emails or phone messages sent during weekends, evenings, or holidays may not receive immediate responses. Besides, the lawyer for disability may be engaged in court meetings when the client contacts them, clients value attorneys who are responsive and keep them informed about the status of their case.

  • Realistic & Economical

Clients frequently have expectations, but it is essential to consider whether those anticipations are realistic. When choosing an attorney, prospective clients should seek a lawyer who provides them with the information and advice they require rather than solely what they want or hope to hear. Ideally, a client should engage a lawyer who sets realistic expectations and surpasses them.


When searching for an attorney, a client should identify one who provides high-quality services at a reasonable cost and who controls legal fees & expenses to maximize the value of the investment.

The availability of contingency fees in most disability insurance cases make it financially feasible if the disability lawyer in Miami charged for their services hourly.

Are you searching for a disability lawyer near me or a social security disability lawyer near me? Or are you looking for affordable services in Miami? Contact Mark J. Berkowitz for top-notch and licensed services in Florida.