The best time to find a discrimination attorney In Florida to file a false claim is when you discover fraud against the government in your workplace.

The False Claim Act was enacted during the period of civil war. It was created in response to the then rampant fraudulent dealings by the Union Army’s contractors. The contractors used to sell inferior goods and services to the army.

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What Is the False Claim Act?

A false claim is also known as Lincoln Law. It is a whistle-blower law. A case filing involving a false claim can take a variety of forms.

However, the three main elements of a false claim involve

1)a claim made by an individual,

2)for government funds,

3)which is somehow fraudulent or false.

It’s so easy to identify a false claim. Some common examples of this claim include overbooking,

  • upcoding,
  • double billing,
  • asking for payments for services not provided,
  • and delivering worthless material or services.

By filing a false discrimination claim private citizens can sue individuals and companies that are involved in defrauding the government. All whistleblowers are usually provided with financial rewards and job protection against any retaliation.

What Are False Claims Act Violations?

This includes…

  • Presenting a false claim for payments.
  • Use false statements to get your claim paid.
  • Reversed false claims. For instance, a company reducing the amount of money it owes the government or when the same company fails to return an overpayment.

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Our discrimination attorney will guide you in filing a qui tam lawsuit.

A qui tam lawsuit involves a private citizen acting as an attorney general to help the government acquire its defrauded funds.

Examples of this are when Medicare seeks payments for procedures that a doctor didn’t perform or when a person’s grants or loan application contains false statements.

For both cases, our discrimination attorney in Florida will help you in filing your qui tam lawsuit.

Filing A False Claims Act

Here are some factors you should know before filing a false claim:

False claims cases are usually long and can last between 3 to 7 years. Therefore if you choose to be a whistleblower expect a lengthy case.

Also if you have evidence for any form of false claims be quick to file it. The case usually locks out all persons that try to file a lawsuit after it has been filed by the first person. So when you have evidence hire our discrimination attorney ft Lauderdale for a quick lawsuit filing process.

You should maintain confidentiality. This is because false claim cases are usually filed under seal. You should therefore speak to your attorney exclusively. Your lawsuit will not be successful if it is disclosed to the general public.

A False Claim Act has its limits. Your lawsuit has to be filed within a period of 6 years since the fraud was committed. Also, whistle-blowers’ protection may extend up to 3years.

Therefore you should contact a knowledgeable discrimination attorney in Florida to help you determine whether you are within the needed time frame.

Defendant Punishment’s

If the defendant is found guilty they will be required to pay up to three times the amount of defrauded funds. They will also be eligible for fines and civil penalties.

In addition to that if you are found guilty you will receive an administrative sanction. This means that a company or an individual is prohibited from contracting deals with the government.

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