If you feel that your employer may be acting unfairly because of your condition, it may be time to seek the legal advice of a discrimination attorney in Florida. Still, determining whether your rights are being violated can be challenging.

Living with a disability comes with various challenges, and sometimes it could be discrimination. The Americans with Disabilities Act advocates for the fair treatment of the disabled at the workplace, including providing disabled-friendly facilities. We have laid down the signs that you could be undergoing disability discrimination below.

Signs That You Need A Discrimination Attorney in Florida

  • Not qualifying for a job due to disability

Pointing out disability discrimination may not be straightforward during the recruitment process. An employer can choose a candidate with the same qualifications as you, except they are not disabled. This can qualify as disability discrimination if the choice is not based on factors like work experience.

  • Harassment by coworkers or employers

While the workplace should be a safe place, disability discrimination is also possible at such places. If anyone, with or without authority, makes any unpleasant comments related to your disability, that qualifies as disability discrimination. This could be anyone from your employer, coworker, or clients.

Telling your employer about any intimidation from your coworkers is usually the first step. They should try to make your work environment friendly by warning clients or coworkers about mistreating you.

  • Lack of disability-friendly accommodation

You will need unique equipment for a smooth transition into the workplace. And most times, while an employer can promise these accommodations once you get the job, it could take a while to put them in place. Despite your employer’s valid reasons, the provisions have to be made to execute your workplace responsibilities productively.

We highly recommend that you seek the legal advice of a discrimination attorney in FL Lauderdale to establish if such a circumstance qualifies as a discrimination case in Court.

  • Different treatment from other coworkers

Intentional or not, your employer’s actions can sometimes be discriminatory to your disability. All employees should receive fair treatment. If you are not offered a raise or promoted on the grounds of your disability, that may be considered disability discrimination.

This is especially true if you meet all the new position requirements but are not considered for the post. As per your rights, it isn’t acceptable for your employer to refuse to hire you because you are physically disabled. It also applies if you are sanctioned for your disability. This includes convincing you to go for early retirement or laying you off first during downsizing.

  • Penalties for speaking your mind about your rights

Like any other worker in your workplace, you have the right to voice your mistreatment or harassment to HR. That said, you shouldn’t be penalized for speaking against any ill-treatment from a worker or employer. If this happens, it can be considered disability discrimination. This may come in various forms, like terminations or warnings.

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