Training on the prevention of sexual harassment is essential in building a safe and conducive workplace culture. There is a surge in complaints regarding workplace harassment without any decisive action being taken.

Some employees have no training in sexual harassment prevention. Sexual harassment prevention training is important because it makes the workplace safer for everyone. Staff education in sexual harassment informs them of the forms of sexual harassment and its prevention. You need legal representation if you are experiencing sexual harassment at work. The best sexual harassment attorney in the Fort Lauderdale area is Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. 

How Does Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Work?

Sexual harassment prevention training helps employees better understand sexual harassment prevention policies. This training comes in different forms and approaches, but some experts believe that in-person seminars and interactive sessions are the most effective formats. You can combine these methods with obliged training and virtual meetings. Because most people do not know about the different appearances of sexual harassment, it is best to explain various types of harassment. Employees should know the channels to use in filing complaints as well as the entire investigation process, including the no-retaliation law. If there is bystander intervention where another employee witnesses sexual harassment of a colleague, it is important to report through the relevant channel. A review of the company’s anti-harassment policy is carried out in detail and reestablished during the training. Every employee must undergo this training, no matter his or her level. 

What Benefits Does The Training Provide?

The prevention training program builds employees’ confidence in their workplace and shows that their leadership has their best interest at heart. If done properly, employees can build better relationships and achieve more. They can also take what they have learned and become better people outside the workplace. Every company should make it an objective to prevent workplace harassment. Companies that ignore this may face lawsuits if there are no policies or training on complaints made against them. 

What Makes A Successful Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy?

A good workplace sexual harassment prevention policy should have a zero-tolerance statement from the onset. Every employee should have access to this policy, so it should be posted in a place where all staff can see it, and updates of the policy are required at least once a year. The policy should state that it applies to all employees including necessary parties like clients and applicants. It should have clear descriptions of all actions and consequences, thus encouraging employees to report any form of violation of the policy. Other relevant inclusions are whom to report to, how to report any violations and the investigation process. The employees should know that anyone who reports is kept confidential, and retaliation is illegal. 

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Every business or company must carry out sexual harassment prevention training. Not only does it apply to employees, but senior staff should also abide by the policies and set a good example. If you have an employer who constantly partakes in sexual harassment, do not hesitate to contact Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale today. Call here for a free consultation.