Signs of sexual harassment are not easily identified because some cannot qualify what sexual harassment is. But, sexual harassment at work is wrong and illegal. Sexual harassment could come off as a harmless gesture or a direct advance. However it appears, if you are sexually harassed at work, don’t keep quiet about it. Seek help early. You need a sexual harassment attorney in Fort Lauderdale to take up your case and give you the justice you deserve, and Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., is the best.

What Do You Do If You’re Sexually Harassed At Work?

  1. Follow Your Employer’s Policy

Some employers have policies on sexual harassment that establish the steps you can follow if you experience harassment. It’ll give you details on how to file a complaint and the relevant person to file with. In case you can’t get directions on filing a report from your employee handbook or company website, ask a supervisor and not necessarily your own. Better still, ask anyone in the Human Resources department. 

  1. Speak To a Supervisor

If there’s no defined policy on sexual harassment in your company or a complaint procedure, speak to a supervisor or another trusted person. Ensure you give them a description of the wrong behavior and seek their assistance in making sure it doesn’t continue. And always remember that it’s against the law for your employer to react against you or retaliate if you report a case of harassment. 

  1. Hire an Attorney

If you experience sexual harassment at your workplace, ensure you hire a qualified sexual harassment attorney to help you through the process. Your employer is held responsible if there are such occurrences. Everyone deserves a safe work environment, free of intimidation. Nobody should work with the fear of discrimination or sexual harassment. 

Forms That Sexual Harassment Can Take

Sexual harassment can happen in different forms, which include: 

  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Demands for sexual favors in return for the help offered at work, also known as Quid pro quo requests
  • Unwelcome sexual or romantic advances 
  • Derogatory or offensive remarks about people of a particular sex

In general, the behavior is classified as sexual harassment if it interferes with your job, makes your work environment uncomfortable, or directly affects your employer.

Factors A Court Will Consider To Determine If The Behavior Is Sexual Harassment 

  • How often it occurred
  • Whether the behavior was physical, verbal or both
  • If the comments were intimidating, offensive or hostile
  • Whether other employees joined in harassing you
  • If one person was a specific target

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Sexual harassment at the workplace is an unlawful act that nobody should experience or be afraid to talk about. The best way to go about this is by speaking up regarding your experience. Were you sexually harassed at work, or do you know someone who was? Speak to Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. today. Here’s an opportunity to work with the best attorneys in Fort Lauderdale. We will help you overcome a traumatizing experience by representing you and fighting for justice. For more information, contact us today!