Are you looking for a convenient way to claim disability? Here at Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., we tell you all about how Compassionate Allowance will help you. For those who don’t know what this program is, it is a way of expediting disability claims. It allows the process to move more quickly for people in worse conditions than others. Some of these conditions are terminal illnesses such as cancer. Compassionate Allowance is the best place to start out with when claiming disability. Our disability attorney works night and day to make sure that you receive the claims that you need. We understand how difficult it is when claiming disability, which is why we provide a program that makes it easy for everyone. Claiming disability can be hard enough as it is, especially in the worst cases, but our program will help you with your disability claims faster than ever. We are excited to tell you more about this program because we know that it is the best in Fort Lauderdale!

How Our Program Will Help You Claim Disability 

You’re probably wondering how Compassionate Allowance helps with claiming disability. Our disability attorney has made this program the best it can be, so you can rest assured that claiming disability is easier than ever now. The reason why our program is so beneficial is that it is specifically for people suffering from severe illnesses or circumstances in general. Any condition that is part of our Blue Book will allow you to claim your disability right away. You might even be eligible for disability benefits! There are some cases where your disability might not match something in our Blue Book. In this case, there are ways to show how the disability is similar enough to what we have listed, so you might be eligible after all. Just make sure that you were not trying to cheat the system! We have helped so many people claim their disability in the easiest way possible. Our list of disabilities in our Blue Book makes this process that much easier.

Claiming A Disability 

We want to make sure that you know all of the facts about our program. We don’t want to just tell you what our program is, but we want to tell you how to actually claim a disability with Compassionate Allowance. Here are the conditions you need to do so:

  • Tetrasomy 18p
  • Superficial Siderosis of the Central Nervous System 
  • Megalencephaly Capillary Malformation Syndrome 
  • Megacystic Microcolon Intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome 
  • Fibrolamellar Cancer 

We Are Here For You 

We have the best program for many reasons, but we are proud to specialize in those who need severe help with claiming their disabilities. We even offer Social Security benefits for disability if you are eligible for our program. You can rest assured that our disability attorney can help you in any way. We have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to claiming disability, and we are happy to help! 

Contact Us 

Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. Are professionals who want to make claiming disability that much easier. Our Compassionate Allowance program will allow you to claim disability easier than ever. Call or visit us in Fort Lauderdale for more information about our program.