If you are facing a case of wrongful termination or wrongful discharge in Florida, don’t hesitate to call up an employment attorney in Broward County.

Wrongful discharge or termination is against the law, and employers involved in these need to be held accountable.


What is Wrongful Termination or Discharge?

Wrongful termination or wrongful discharge refers to any unfair firing from a place of work. There are some general reasons that an employer cannot fire a worker.

For instance, an employee cannot fire a worker for refusing to break the law. If you have been terminated from your workplace for refusing to follow an illegal instruction, then hire an experienced employment attorney in Florida.

Wrongful termination or discharge also includes being fired due to discrimination, pregnancy, reporting your employer, making a worker’s compensation claim, and breach of contract.

To understand more, it is important to seek legal counsel from a wrongful termination lawyer in Miami, whether or not you think you have a case.

If you have been fired for any of the above reasons, it is illegal! You can get help from a Miami Dade County employment lawyer.



Florida is among the states that apply at-will laws. Most employees working for a private company in Florida are usually employed at will. This means that no one is forced to work a particular job.

It also means that an employer may decide to fire, hire, demote and promote employees for a good reason, bad reason, or even no reason at all. If you’ve been fired in Florida for nothing, contact a wrongful termination lawyer in Miami.

At-will, however, means that your employer must have a just cause to fire you at any time as long as the reason for termination is legal. Similarly, you can choose to quit your job at any time and for any reason.

If this is not the case at your workplace, then you most definitely should look to hire an experienced employment attorney in Florida.

Once you’ve been laid off from your job for an illegal reason, or no reason at all, be quick to get in touch with an employment attorney in Broward County.

Employment at will provides that you are free to leave your job if you’ve found a better opportunity. At the same time, if an employer sees the need to do a budget cut or finds a better-experienced person, he/she can fire you.

However, If you have recently lost your job and feel like you were wrongfully discharged for any reason whatsoever, start your case by contacting a wrongful termination lawyer in Miami.


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