Is a co-worker or employer making you feel uncomfortable? You spend too much of your time at work to tolerate sexual harassment. If your attempts to earn respect from your co-workers is falling on deaf ears, call on the help of a Fort Lauderdale-based employment attorney like ours at Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. You can trust us to have your back because we are the best in Fort Lauderdale!

Your Employment Attorney Can Help With Harassment

As an employee, you deserve a respectful workplace – one in which you have the freedom to express yourself or keep to yourself. But if an employer, employee, or co-worker is pressuring you to act in a sexually vulnerable way or expects you to tolerate sexually harassing behavior, you may feel you’ve lost your freedom at work. Our attorneys are passionate about winning back the respect all hard-working employees deserve, regardless of their sexual orientation, activity, or interest at work. When up against sexual harassment, you can count on us to establish those boundaries and say “no” in a way your perpetrators will hear.

Types Of Behaviors You Don’t Have To Tolerate

In case it’s ambiguous, we’ve established a few guidelines to define whether problematic behavior at work is technically harassment of a sexual nature. Firstly, if a superior pressures you to exchange sexual favors for a promotion, raise, or work responsibility, then you’re being harassed. If your refusal to play by these coercion games results in retaliation or demotion, you’re being harassed. Finally, if a co-worker makes repeated comments, gestures, or physical assaults of an unwanted sexual nature, you’re being harassed. You shouldn’t feel you have to work in an environment that is hostile, intimidating, or morally degrading to you in regards to your sexuality. If you are, then you’re being harassed.

What To Do When It Happens

So what do you do when you know you’re being harassed? That depends on the severity of the harassment. If you’re dealing with a lewd co-worker who asks you out on a regular basis or who comments too often on your body, it’s possible all they need is a stern talking-to. But if your attempts to correct the behavior through confrontation aren’t working – or feel too dangerous – you will need to rope in your HR department. When the harassing behavior is more insidious, such as the coercive sexual favor exchange described above, your HR department will want to address it right away. But sometimes the perpetrator has too much power, or your HR representative is unable to fully make things right. You still have more options. Call an attorney, file a complaint with the EEOC, and let legal professionals bring your perpetrator to justice before your work environment worsens. 

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