The year has been pretty rough for a lot of people. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown had terrible effects on countries and their economy. As it stands, there’s a relaxation of the lockdown in most states to an extent. States like California have stringent rules, but they relaxed the lockdown a bit. Other states are open, but masks are compulsory. There are theories of a COVID-19 surge in time to come, but what move will the government make? Will the government shut down the economy as a protective measure? Or leave things as they are? The COVID-19 gave a significant blow to the labor market and the economy at large, with lots of people losing their jobs. The deadly pandemic threatened the job security of more than half of the country’s working population as some people lost their jobs. In Fort Lauderdale, the citizens have complained of an increased crime rate due to unemployment. Is this experience peculiar to you, or do you know anyone in this shoe? What you need is a good employment attorney to take up your case and give you justice. Nobody does it better than Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A. 

How Did The Shutdown Affect Job Security?

With the widespread of the Coronavirus and the shutdown of the country, most jobs were drastically hit. The unemployment rate as of April 2020 was 14.7%. In June, about 63% of the people lost their jobs because employers closed up or lost their business. Businesses classified as nonessential stopped forcing people to work remotely. Industries like the tourism industry, travel, and construction, to mention a few, were stopped. The industry that thrived the most was healthcare, and this was because healthcare workers’ services were in high demand following the ravaging pandemic. Airports, seaports, and other economic sectors suffered as well. The shutdown aimed to curb the spread of the virus and treat those infected. To an extent, the shutdown was adequate, but the downsides are higher. 

What Happens If There’s Another Pandemic Shutdown?

After the gradual easing of the lockdown, most industries in the country picked up, with its economy taking a better look. However, the spread of the infection has continued, and the number of cases tripled. If another shutdown should occur, it will cripple the economy, causing a drop in economic activities, as well as a rapid explosion of unemployment rates. A recession is looming if not handled well. The country’s GDP may shrink and increase unemployment, crime rate, and recession in the end. To avoid being hit, hire an employment attorney today.

Is A Second COVID-19 Shutdown Possible

On the issue of a second shutdown, things aren’t sure yet. A lockdown seems logical, but with the way the economy is and the effect of such a move, it’s not the best decision. The government’s responsibility is to protect its citizens and ensure their welfare and ensure the country’s growth. Certain factors instrumental to another Shutdown institution include the availability of a vaccine, the political differences, and the tolerance for lockdowns. 

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