Sometimes, workers don’t have much power regarding getting paid a reasonable amount by their bosses. But if employers don’t pay their workers the money they deserve, a lawyer who knows much about employment laws can help get that money back. This kind of lawyer is called an “unpaid wages labor lawyer,” They can help workers in Florida who haven’t been paid fairly.

Sometimes, companies do not pay employees the extra money they deserve, like overtime or commissions. It doesn’t seem right because it hurts the employees. It’s also against the law. Employment laws can be confusing, so it’s essential to hire Mark J. Berkowitz. We can help employees get the money they are owed.

Labor Lawyer Near You Can Help to Recover Unpaid Wages 

Following are amazing benefits of hiring the labor lawyer near you.

  • Labor Law Lawyer has Expertise 

An employment attorney is a legal professional who fights against powerful companies & bullying managers on behalf of employees.. They might say things like, “I don’t give you that money,” or “I didn’t say you could work overtime.” It can be scary and frustrating for the employees. Sometimes, they might even give up trying to get their money.

An unpaid wage attorney will fight hard for your rights and will confront companies & bullying managers. Usually, bosses have their lawyers, but workers also have the right to hire a lawyer if there’s a disagreement about how much they should be paid for their work time.

  • Labor Law Lawyer has Knowledge in Complicated Job Laws

There are federal & state laws in place to protect worker rights, such as FLSA and Florida’s Living Wage law. These laws can be complicated to understand, but an unpaid wages lawyer has the knowledge and experience to navigate them and help employees who have been denied their rightful payment to get a good resolution.

It is not recommended to handle unpaid wage disputes alone if you want an equitable settlement. An outstanding wage attorney will work with your employer to resolve your case. If they cannot reach a fair agreement, the lawyer will not hesitate to take your case to the judicial system and fight aggressively for the best outcome.

  • Labor Law Lawyer Fights for Unpaid Wages

When people work hard at their jobs, they should be paid correctly according to the law. If you think your paychecks are wrong,  Mark J. Berkowitz can help you get the money you are owed, including any unpaid wages.

  • Labor Law Lawyer in Florida can Help You Get Justice

An expert employment attorney is crucial to uphold worker rights and receiving the equity you deserve. Without proper legal representation, it can be challenging for workers to obtain their entitled benefits. In numerous cases, aggressive managers & bosses utilize delay & denial tactics that force employees to abandon their pursuit of retrieving their owed entitlements.

Mark J. Berkowitz is here to assist you in case of unpaid wages, overtime, commissions & bonuses. As a law firm representing employees, we strive to recover your rightfully owed compensation. In some instances, you may also be eligible for liquidated damages, which entitles you to get double the amount owed to you.


Mark J. Berkowitz is a top workplace law firm in Florida. If your employer has not paid you your rightful payment, you can talk to an unpaid wages lawyer for free. It is essential to consult as soon as possible because there are time limits for due compensation cases.

With your best interests in mind, we aggressively address employment law violations. You don’t have to face it alone, as we have aided many people in Florida, similar to you, in obtaining workplace justice.

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