If you are employed and looking for someone to help you with a case, you must be wondering what an employment lawyer does. And will they be able to help me? The answer is they help employees win and yes they can help you!

If you feel discriminated against at work, or you have an issue with your employer, you can contact an employment attorney to represent you.

Alternatively, if you are an employer looking to sue an employee, an employment lawyer can also help.

Here’s a look at the roles of employment lawyers such as Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A:

  • An Employment Lawyer Ensures Compliance With Employee Rights

This task mainly applies to employment lawyers in Ft Lauderdale who represent employers of different entities. They ensure employers comply with anti-discriminatory laws (state and federal) and environmental and OSHA guidelines to avoid claims.

Their task is to keep the employers out of legal trouble in their dealings with employees and other stakeholders in their company or organization.

  • Creates Awareness About Employee Rights

A wrongful termination lawyer in Miami advises their client, either an employer or employee, on their rights regarding a specific case. In a wrongful dismissal or discrimination case, an employment lawyer will offer their client the available options.

From a legal point of view, and using their knowledge and experience, the employment lawyer can also offer advice on the best option to take in a case, including; mediation, negotiation, or litigation, by providing the advantages and disadvantages of every option.

They also inform employees and employers of the rights within which they can act. For instance, the fact that forming unions is within employees’ rights. The lawyer also advises employers on their rights when handling union workers.

  • Hold Their Client’s Hand Through Litigation

An employer represents their client (can be an employer or employee) in lawsuits regarding employment. They may also represent employers with employment claims regarding confidentiality and non-compete violations.

In both cases, an employment lawyer represents and defends their clients, whether they are employees or employers, against legal consequences.

  • Assists Clients In File Claims

An employment lawyer helps employees follow the proper channels to get justice without sabotaging their chances.

If an employee faces discrimination at work or wrongful termination, employment lawyers in Ft Lauderdale can help them by offering advice and assisting them in taking the next step.

The employment attorney can help the employee file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before pursuing other legal actions.

What Lawsuits Can An Employment Lawyer Assist With?

An Employment Lawyer can assist with a whole lot of issues including:

Discrimination lawsuits

An employment lawyer can help with all kinds of discrimination lawsuits. They will help in the litigation process from start to finish.

Some of the most common discrimination lawsuits include;

False Claims Act

This has to do with whistleblowers. If you wish to become a whistleblower and bring a lawsuit against your employee or employer, an employment lawyer can help you out.

Sexual Harassment Law Suits

If you feel that you have been sexually harassed at work, you should not keep silent. You can find an employment lawyer to handle the issue for you and ensure you receive what you deserve as a result of the sexual harassment. 

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